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We've Helped Thousands Of Higher Education Professionals Advance Their Careers - And We're Just Getting Started

Our mission to help advance the state of higher education extends all the way down to the individual level.  Our Careers Community is much more than a job board - it's a place to get advice, tips, diversity news, and more. Whether an opening for a President of a public state system, a Provost of a private liberal arts school, or an adjunct at a community college, we bring together the full range of job openings and talented candidates looking to make their next move.  

Our unique value proposition is rooted in our DNA - a dedication to truth and timeliness in higher education, and an unflinching commitment to the community we serve.  Many job boards can make you feel like a commodity.  We are all about supporting you as a unique and valued member of the higher education community.  

Recruiting through Inside Higher Ed has noticeably increased the quality, diversity, and number of candidates in our pool.
— Maryan St. Claire, Office of the Provost, California State University, Long Beach

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